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Flype, it’s tiny (it fits in a pocket), it’s light (it weighs less than a gram), it’s cheap (around 5-6 Euros for 3 units and their protective casing), and it’s so cool: as soon as you move, the Flype spins steadily at your fingertip, lightly, poetically, like a butterfly.

Flype is multi-award winning : he won silver at the 2013 Lépine Competition, was elected 2013 Toy Star by the French Toy-Childcare Industries Federation and the Federation of Merchants specialised in Toys and Child Products and won the category GAMES-​​TOYS 2013 Trophies LSA for Innovation!

Style at your fingertips

With the Flype, one may play for hours on and express their own style, as Raphaël (10 years-old) explains: “Flype is great. I can do many figures and invent some too. I like the designs with all their colours. It is the number-one game anyone has ever invented because I can play with it indoors and outdoors, play with my friends or on my own. We can also exchange them. In three words: I LOVE FLYPE.”

The Flype appeals to those who like to surpass themselves. First, an inevitable “wow effect” for those seeing it for the first time; then desire to try it and success come in line! With a little training and thanks to the video tutorials available on, anybody can improve quickly and turn into a magician, without a single “trick”: dexterity and perseverance only are needed to perform ever more amazing feats.

In the wind, Flype spins on its own and becomes a fashionable accessory for sliding sports (roller-skating, rollerblading, etc.) and beach sports.

A wide range of Flypes is available, among which everyone can choose their favourite ones. The designs give way to multiple effects when spinning. “Flype is a sensory object”, Estelle, a Fifth grade teacher, explains. “Flype is linked very much with touch of course, but it is also delightful to the eye and even to the ear: children soon understood that they could imitate the fluttering sound of a butterfly’s wings!”

A combination of technologies for extreme simplicity

The Flype seems very simple; but it is a highly technically-complex object, patented and developed by Xavier Sénémaud, a Centrale engineer. “More than just a product innovation, we have above all set up a novel manufacturing process, combining the use of several technologies to extremes never explored before”, the inventor confesses who won silver at the 2013 Lépine Competition. “In order to manufacture the Flype, we visited numerous factories for months and, eventually, we had to design and build our own machine, now used for this production. And it is all made in France”, adds Marie Monot, Communication Officer.

Where can we get Flypes from?

The Flype is sold online at, in specialised game stores, in local shops and various family places.



- Good morning Xavier. You are the inventor of this new game, Flype. Could you tell us more about it?

- Good morning! Flype is a new game of skill, patented and manufactured in France. It is a tiny object that fits in the pocket. It seems very simple, but it is impressive: once you get moving, it starts spinning steadily at your fingertip, without a trick.

- I can see there are many designs. Are they part of a collection?

- Yes indeed they are. We produce many designs to give life to multiple effects when spinning. There are designs for every taste. If you are lucky, you may find in your pack a special collector Flype, which we have worked on particularly.

- It seems really light, is it fragile?

- Indeed it is light. One day, a child asked me what it was made of. Another answered: “It’s made of a butterfly’s wing!” That’s about it. A Flype weighs less than a gram. It isn’t fragile but should be handled with care. That’s why we sell it with a protective casing. If it is damaged, just put it back in the casing and wait 15 minutes before playing with it again. It has its own regenerative cocoon. You should also keep it away from heat sources.

- Who is the Flype for? Can everybody do it?

- With a little training and will, everybody can do it. Children aged 7 and above love it: they can play all together, challenge each other and impress their friends with ever more amazing performances! Teenagers also took to the Flype in music, dance and show environments. In the wind, the Flype spins on its own at your fingertip: it becomes a fashion accessory for sliding sports. This game is for the whole family. Parents enjoy it as well!

- Where did the idea come from? How does one invent a game?

- I am an engineer and a graduate from Centrale de Paris. This object is above all a technical invention, which we chose to produce as a game. At this decisive stage we decided to join Sciences Po’s incubator, thanks to Marie, my partner who is a graduate of this school and is today in charge of communication and distribution for the Flype.

- When I see the Flype, it seems so easy. It’s almost natural.

- The Flype is a condensate of both simplicity and complexity. We could have manufactured it a few years ago. With this product, we reach the frontiers of numerous technologies. Nothing is left to chance. It took one year of research to achieve the result we wanted. In the end, we decided to build our own machines, now solely dedicated to the Flype’s manufacture. And it is all made in France: this aspect was of great importance to us and I think that our audience appreciates it.

- Thanks! Our readers can now find it on

- Yes, our website offers, among other things, video tutorials for you to learn all kinds of figures. You can also order Flypes online. Thank you.


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