Mum, Dad, I want one! Pleaaaaase!

Are your children always asking for something? What is this thing? A game that will keep them busy for about 5 minutes before they tire of it? An expensive and pointless gift?
We know that you are sometimes worried. “I am always a little anxious about the holiday”, Marine confessed to us. “We want to do plenty with the kids, but if there happens to be a computer or a games console nearby, gone is the family quality time. It is not that easy to keep them busy.” Sophie told me: “When I turned twelve, I took my godson to London. For the whole week, he played video games. I don’t what to do with children today”. But children haven’t changed! We have met a lot of kids and were impressed by their energy and their desire to speak out. They are full of talent waiting to blossom and to be shared. They want nothing more than to impress their friends and impress us.


What if talents could be revealed by something, something that would enable children to surpass themselves, to develop their creativity, to play all together?

We found that something. Flype: it is as tiny object which can be carried everywhere. So light – it weighs less than a gram – that it fits in your pocket. Easy as it may seem, it is a magical thing. As soon as one is moving, it spins steadily at the tip of a finger. With Flype, your child turns into a magician. There is no “trick”. With a little dexterity and training, everybody can do it, each and everyone in their own style. They can complete ever more spectacular figures, play as a group, challenge each other, put up choreographies. And in the wind, Flype spins on its own! It is becoming a fashion accessory for sliding sports (roller-skating, rollerblading) and beach sport.

With Flype, one may play endlessly. The family can take it up, each in their own way. And, for a change, children are the ones giving tips to grown-ups.


Have trust in their experience:

Charlotte,11: “Flype is a design. It is beautiful when it spins, and even more when we try figures. I will buy them to play with of course, but also to get the full collection.”

Raphaël, 10: “Flype is great. I can do many figures and invent some too. I like the designs with all their colours. It is the number-one game anyone has ever invented because I can play with it indoors and outdoors, play with my friends or on my own. We can also exchange them. In three words: I LOVE FLYPE.”

Estelle, Fifth grade teacher: “Flype is a sensory object. Linked very much with touch of course, but also delightful to the eye and even to the ear: children soon understood that they could imitate the fluttering sound of a butterfly’s wings!”

Lucas, 13: “I like that it is not such an easy game after all. At first, all we know to do is spin around with the Flype, but then we can improve.”

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